What we stand for

We at ESCA firmly believe that each community is unique and has the right to decide how it wants to grow. Our agreements are complex because Smart City Concepts and Projects cover a wide range of activities. These principles are the foundation of our organization and are in line with those promoted by the EC, EP, WTO.
A country should not discriminate between its partners, and it should not distinguish between its own and foreign products, services or nationals.
More open
We encourage knowledge transfer, as it is the only way to help develop a broad community and achieve valuable results.
Predictable and transparent
Foreign companies, investors and governments should be confident that no barriers should be raised arbitrarily. With stability and predictability, investment is encouraged, jobs are created, and consumers can fully enjoy the benefits of competition – choice and lower prices and citizens centered services and policies.
More beneficial for less developed countries
Giving them more time to adjust, greater flexibility and exclusive privileges; we believe in developing states and countries in transition.
Protect the environment
The ESCA projects are implemented in accord with our beliefs that cities and countries should take measures to protect not only the environment but also public health, animal health, and plant health.