74 % of our experts have more than 15 years of expertise in their respective fields, while the other 26% have 5 to 10 years of experience. They come from different countries, different regions and different cities. However, they all share the common vision provided by our organization.

Through our Trusted Partners Program and our valuable members, we cover all the areas in Smart City and we only advise upon trusted solutions.

While innovative is challenging and may offer an immediate response to certain challenges, we prefer the safe approach. Therefore, we test and try our trusted partners and make sure they are able to meet all european requirements.

Within our organization, we have over 100 international experts in the most important areas and verticals of the Smart City Industry.

From Smart Mobility and Transport, IoT, Big Data, Environment, Energy, E-gov to Smart Citizen, we guarantee that we work with people with experience of at least five years in their areas of excellence, well-known professionals and internationally recognized.

The ESCA aims to create and engage more dynamics community involved in the developing sector of each city where we work. We encourage open discussion in ESCA in order to create the partnership system needed for building smart and creative communities.