#BuildMyCity is a European initiative set up by ESCA, in partnership with prestigious institutions around the Europe – Governments, Universities, Companies, Cities, Industry Experts and Visionaries.
The main objective of the organization is to promote the development of intelligent and creative communities and urban initiatives across the Europe, to help and support cities that are under implementation or those that are at the beginning. Our projects, regardless of region or country, promote the integration of sustainable smart solutions, but especially the creation of a community around the project.
We have expertise in PPP project development, we know how to finance Smart City projects and, above all, we have know-how to transfer knowledge from a replicable success project – we identify and promote best practices, lessons and experiences across smart cities.
The holistic approach of ESCA is inspiring for most of our partners and widely recognized as a functional one.
While addressing the challenges we provide expertise to overcome almost any obstacle in creating smart city solutions. The functionality comes from working very closely to all four pillars representative in a smart city: academic environment, community engagement, city stakeholders, private companies.