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We bring together policy makers, leaders, experts and communities to build a Sustainable Europe.

The Voice of European Communities

Services offered by the European Smart Cities Association:
– carrying out specialized feasibility studies;
– identification of financing and writing of financing applications / implementation and management of the financing contract;
– carrying out the public procurement process at any of its stages (procurement of design services, procurement of financing consulting services, procurement of public procurement consulting, procurement of design and execution, acquisition of site management, procurement of contract management / project management services);
– contract management (with legal involvement);
– project management;
– design and execution;

As work stages we propose:
1. Analysis of development / smart strategies developed by ATU (or any other programmatic document, if any);
2. Identifying the projects for which we can have sources of financing in the near future;
3. Completing the programmatic documents with projects for which we can have sources of financing in the near future;
4. Analysis of implementation possibilities together with the local authority;
5. Starting actions in order to achieve the objective (feasibility studies, consulting, financing, execution);

We can help you with:
– the most detailed presentation of the financing processes for the next period – with question and answer sessions;
– detailed presentation of procurement processes in an administrative context, including the role of administrative contracts in supporting the contracting authority;

The European Smart Cities Association (ESCA) represents national organisations, cities, companies and academia in Europe. At EU level, ESCA promotes the values of inclusive, sustainable, participatory and sustainably developed communities.

Together, we reinvent cities!

European Smart Cities Association

About ESCA

ESCA is the only European organization dedicated to the development of Smart Communities that understands the need to create an ecosystem of European organizations, national governments, central and local public authorities, technology providers, civil society, academia and experts.

European Smart Cities Association

ESCA is the leading European cities network for the implementation of the 17 SDGs.
We support governments, cities, businesses & industry sectors in their transformation based on sustainable growth.
Following the SDGs, we want to co-build our cities and communities with the European leaders and stakeholders.

Our Services

1. Smart City National Strategy
2. Smart City Audit and Strategy
3. Smart City Recommendation
4. Smart City Partnership
5. Financing Solution
6. Implementing
7. Smart City Certificate as a Smart City Partner/Provider
8. European Smart City Printed Magazine
9. Events and Conferences
10. European and international Awards and Recognition

Any Smart City Projects has its complexity. Each project integrates several technologies from different industries, and each project has a different addressability. Smart City Concepts and Projects are complex. So is the ESCA. We are a complex organization present in different cities and regions of the European Union. We work closely with various governments and cities to implement this concept, integrate our experts and partners into the local context. Each project is different, each country and city has a different meaning of development.